project #4 [installation]

CRITIQUE DUE DATE: Tuesday 04/04 + Thursday 04/06 (sign up for dates in class on 03/14)

PROJECT TITLE: Installation

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Installation art is immersive, site-specific, responds to the cultural or structural elements of place, and utilizes viewers’ many senses.

Create an immersive installation and a sensory experience that highlights a sense other than sight…

  • smell
  • sound
  • touch
  • taste

Your works can still have visual components, but consider how your installation can highlight, obscure, or abstract one of the above senses. Install your work in a nearby location, or utilize gallery 199. Respond specifically to the location you chose and create an artwork that could not exist anywhere else. A “place” in this case can be a room, a corner of the gallery, a hallway, a park bench, a broom closet, a crevice under the stairs, etc.

All works will be experienced first hand during critique. No documentation for this project! All students will sign up for a critique day and your work must be installed for us to view on that day.

Since this project requires you to spend time in a specific location outside of the classroom, there is an OFF-SITE open studio day scheduled for you to work. Off-site time is independent work time and may be spent location scouting, finding supplies, constructing elements, or installing. There will be no formal class meeting on this day, and no attendance will be taken.

DIGITAL SKETCHBOOK REQUIREMENTS: As you work on your projects, post the following on your blog prior to critique…

  • in-class exercise
  • project ideation (a paragraph about your ideas and conceptual goals before you begin work, research, sketches, work-in-progress images, etc.)
  • self-critique (a paragraph evaluating your project against your goals, and noting areas for improvement)


(Note a couple changes from the original syllabus)

Tuesday 03/14 – introduce assignment, in-class activity, open studio

Thursday 03/16 – off-site work day*

Tuesday 03/21 + Thursday 03/23 – SPRING BREAK – NO CLASS

Tuesday 03/28 – in-class open studio, individual midterm reviews

Thursday 03/30 – in-class open studio

Tuesday 04/04 – first critique day, projects installed by students who signed up for this day

Thursday 04/06 – second critique day, projects installed by students who signed up for this day

RELEVANT ARTISTS / LECTURE RECAP: Sissel TolaasMika RottenbergKohei Toshiyuki, Snarkitecture