open concept (final)

CRITIQUE DUE DATE: Tuesday 05/02

PROJECT TITLE: Open Concept (Final)

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Create a new piece of 4D art responding to the conceptual goals of your choosing.

You are required to use at least one of the concepts/techniques/approaches we have seen in class, but feel free to supplement your work with techniques from your previous knowledge, or research and experiment with a new approach. Works will be viewed in the classroom, so if you do an installation or temporary work, bring in documentation.

This is your final project for this class and will be worth 20% of your final grade. Use this project as an opportunity to take risks, try something new, and build on what you have learned in this course.

PROPOSAL: Before you begin on your project, write a one page (double-spaced) proposal for your open concept assignment. Outline your conceptual goals, provide details for materials, equipment, and techniques you plan to employ, define final format / size, and cite any references or preliminary stylistic / historical / cultural research you have done. A hard copy of your proposal is due at the beginning of next class, Tuesday 04/25, and we will discuss them individually.

DIGITAL SKETCHBOOK REQUIREMENTS: As you work on your projects, post the following on your blog prior to critique…

  • project ideation (a paragraph about your ideas and conceptual goals before you begin work, research, sketches, work-in-progress images, etc.)
  • self-critique (a paragraph evaluating your project against your goals, and noting areas for improvement)


Tuesday 04/18 – introduce open concept assignment, begin proposals, open studio

Thursday 04/20 – no class meeting, attend Performance Art Week events

Tuesday 04/25 – proposals due, individual meetings, open studio

Thursday 04/27 – open studio

Tuesday 05/02 – critiques

RELEVANT ARTISTS: pull inspiration from the artists classmates presented last week and do independent research


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