exercise F [virtual installation]

Working in small groups, take a mobile projector to a location around campus and create a temporary projection work. Choose a digital image or video from the web and play it from your own laptop or USB drive. The projected imagery should have an impact on the space  and vice-versa—both the space and the imagery should be strengthened by the pairing.

RESOURCES: Jenny Holzer’s Text Projections, Urban Projections’s Light CycleKrzysztof Wodiczko’s Live Projections

DUE DATE : Take a photo or video of this mini-intervention and post it to your blog by next Monday 02/24.


  • Wednesday 02/19 is our final off-site work day for this project. Use this time to complete your Self-Directed Intervention Project. It is expected that you utilize this regular class time to focus on your project independently. You do not need to visit the classroom on off-site work days and attendance will not be taken.
  • Monday 02/24 is an in-class work day, so come prepared to edit your documentation of your intervention—this could include editing photos, video, or assembling a presentation.
  • Critique for this project is Wednesday 02/26

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