intervention unit

EXERCISE C [space map] // assigned 02/03 // due 02/05

EXERCISE D [camouflage] // assigned 02/05 // due 02/10

EXERCISE E [environment as material] // assigned 02/10 // due 02/17

EXERCISE F [virtual installation] // assigned 02/17 // due 02/24


PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Create a temporary project in a public location outside of the classroom.

Your project should be unexpected within the location and should conceptually deal with an issue or observation that directly relates to the location or surrounding community. Consider how your action will intervene with your viewer’s everyday experience. Does the surprise of an unexpected artwork bring joy, disrupt the mundane, or raise awareness?

For critique, you may bring in documentation, or take us to a nearby location to view the work.

EXAMPLES: Possible approaches may include, but are not limited to…

  • Sculpture / an art object masquerading as an everyday object (such as a subversive ‘zine placed in a newsstand) or an object left on the street for someone to find
  • Land Art / an “earthwork” responding to the environment and manipulating nature
  • Installation / guerrilla projection of temporary imagery on architecture or landscape or a pop-up installation that transforms the environment
  • Street Art / stencil art, wheat pasting, stickering, magnets (such as manipulating bus stop advertisements)
  • Performance / set the stage for a participatory work or play a subversive role in society

PROPOSAL // due 02/12

Write a one paragraph proposal outlining your conceptual goals for your self-directed installation and post it to your blog by 02/12. Set specific goals for the off-site work days and in-class open studios. Tips for proposal writing can be found here.


  • Monday 02/03 : Intervention Unit introduction
  • Wednesday 02/12 : Proposals due (post on blog), off-site work day
  • Wednesday 02/19 : Off-site work day
  • Wednesday 02/26 : Critique day 1
  • Monday 03/02 : Critique day 2

RELEVANT ARTISTS / LECTURE RECAP:  The Yes Men, Barbara Kruger, Jenny HolzerSwoon + Olek, The Case for Land Art, Robert Smithson, Sarah Sze

INDEPENDENT RESEARCH: Google Map Hacks, The Yes Men Are RevoltingExit Through The Gift Shop

[As a reminder, in-class exercises are to experiment with new approaches and may be achieved quickly during class time. Projects are larger in scope and concept-driven, with open studio time devoted to their planning and completion. The emphasis of your production is placed on projects, but exercises are essential to learning.]

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