performance unit

EXERCISE G [grapefruit] // assigned 03/04 // due end of class 03/04

EXERCISE H [right object, wrong action] // assigned 03/09 // due 03/16

SELF-DIRECTED PERFORMANCE PROJECT // due/critique 03/18 + 03/30 (sign up for date)

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Using yourself as your medium, create a performance piece with the subject matter of your choosing, using one of these three categories as your form…

All performances must be performed live during critique in Gallery 199. Everyone will sign up for a critique slot today in class so you can bring in any materials you will need.

Your performance may be a collaborative effort with other members of your class, based on my approval.

In performance, the elements and principles of design are altered. Instead of shape, line, texture, etc. you are dealing in the realm of location, lighting, costuming, props, duration, etc. Pay attention to every detail—the choice of what you wear or how you act are what conveys meaning to your audience. Everything is a tool to communicate!

Although you are using yourself in some way (your body, your voice, etc) your own safety or the safety of others should never be challenged.


  • How can you use your body as a tool for making art?
  • Is your performance scripted or improvised based on outside elements?
  • How do physical elements affect the meaning behind your piece?
  • Do you want your audience to be involved in the performance or to observe from a distance?
  • How do you want your audience to feel? What do you want them to think about?

PROPOSAL // due 03/11

Write a one paragraph proposal outlining your conceptual goals for your self-directed performance and post it to your blog by 03/11 . Set specific goals for the off-site work days and in-class open studios. Tips for proposal writing can be found here.


  • Wednesday 03/04 : Performance Unit introduction
  • Wednesday 03/11 : Proposals due (post on blog), off-site work day
  • Wednesday 03/18 : Critique day 1
  • Monday 03/30 : Critique day 2

RELEVANT ARTISTS / LECTURE RECAP: Yoko Ono, Sophie Calle, Francis Alys, Jamie Isenstein

INDEPENDENT RESEARCH: Jacoby Satterwhite, CassilsThe Artist Is Present

[As a reminder, in-class exercises are to experiment with new approaches and may be achieved quickly during class time. Projects are larger in scope and concept-driven, with open studio time devoted to their planning and completion. The emphasis of your production is placed on projects, but exercises are essential to learning.]