WEEK 9 (03/16–03/20)

Click here for new online procedures (link also at top of this site). Please read through for information on how we will be modifying this course to go online, including new schedule changes. Please e-mail me if you have any questions!

If you haven’t already, please finish EXERCISE H [right action, wrong object] and post it to your blog by Wednesday 03/18. This is a small extension to accommodate for our transition online.

MODIFIED PERFORMANCE PROJECT // due Friday 03/20 at 5:00pm

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: You all had proposed interesting self-guided performances, and I am sorry that they will not be realized in the gallery as planned. To pivot this project, we are going to look towards artists who develop instructional works for others to perform.

Create a detailed document providing instructions for someone else to perform your original performance idea. Describe the piece with as much detail as possible so there is nothing lost in translation. A successful performance could be performed by anyone with the right instruction.

You can work on this project anytime between now and the due date on Friday 03/20 at 5:00pm.

TOOLS: Use this worksheet to format your document. You may write/draw on top of this or use it as a guide.



NOTES: Since your work is now largely independent, is it important that you click through and absorb content on all links provided. This is essential to understanding of the new assignment and all material moving forward.

Week 10 (next week) is our Spring Break, so there will not be an assignment posted on Monday 03/23.

Week 11 assignments will be up on this site by Monday 03/30 at 8:00am.

SOMETHING FUN TO DO AT HOME: Download ART SQOOL, a game designed by Julian Glander.

Download for free Monday morning (before 11:00am) only!

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