WEEK 11 (03/30–04/03)

I hope you all had a restful Spring Break and are adapting to your online courses. As a reminder, there is a link to our new online procedures at the top of this site. Please let me know if I can offer any support as we move to remote learning.

WEEK 11 ASSIGNMENTS // due Friday 04/03 at 5:00pm

Please complete the following to prepare for our next project. Click on all links, read all material, watch all videos, and respond when requested on to your blog.






  • Denver Digerati (a curated collection of video art shown in Denver public space)

SELF-DIRECTED VIDEO PROJECT // due Friday 04/24 at 5:00pm

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Shoot and edit a 3–5 minute video or stop motion animation.

Select one of the following prompts as your starting point: birth, death, artificial,  natural, opposite, similar, old, new, beauty, abject. The prompt you choose is just a conceptual jumping off point to get your ideas flowing. Feel free to approach the prompt literally or abstractly. Let your project define the word, resist it, or take inspiration from it.


  • Create a linear narrative (a work that tells a story over time)
  • Create something completely abstract (consider mood, constructed environment, and how moving elements evolving over time allow viewers to “feel” your concept)
  • Create a piece of performance art designed for the lens (perform a gesture to convey your concept, designed specifically for the camera)


There will be weekly tasks and exercises assigned to get you experimenting with shooting and editing video prior to the project due date. While I am asking you to think of an idea for your video now, do not worry if you have never worked in video before — I will guide you through the process. Be sure to check this site every Monday at 8:00am to receive each week’s assignments.


For the rest of the semester, we will have to get creative about our tools for shooting and editing video. You all have already executed great projects and are being very agile with what you have available to you at home. Great video work does not rely on a specific tool, and you can use a variety of cameras to convey your concept. Consider cameras you may be overlooking (webcams, vintage or outdated cameras you may have collected, home security cameras or smart doorbells, GoPros or other sports cameras, back up cameras on your car, etc.) The most wild tool may give you great results! Please get in touch if you need technology access or advice.


  • Adobe Creative Cloud including Premiere: Your MSUDenver credentials now allow you to sign in to all Adobe Creative Cloud programs for free. Click “sign in” on the top right corner of the page, use your MSUDenver email and select “Company or School Account” when it prompts you. You do not need to make a new account, as one using your MSUDenver credentials already exists. Once you are signed in you can search and download the programs of your choosing. If your credentials do not work, please contact campus IT (303-352-7548) as you may need your password reset.
  • Premiere Rush: Available on iOS, Mac, Android, and Windows so it will work on your phones and tablets. Your MSU Denver credentials also allow you to sign in to Adobe CC and download Premiere Rush for free. Follow instructions for signing in to Adobe CC above, and download Premiere Rush.
  • You are also able to use any other apps or programs you have available such as iMovie (free on Macs), Windows Movie Maker (free on PCs), Stop Motion Studio (free for iPhone and iPad in app store), Green Screen by Do Ink (free for iPhone and iPad in app store), etc.

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