WEEK 13 (04/13–04/17)

MSU Denver has created a new policy regarding Pass/Fail grades for this semester only. See updated department syllabus, including a calendar reflecting the Pass/Fail option here. Check in with your department adviser if you have any questions!

WEEK 13 ASSIGNMENTS // due Friday 04/17 at 5:00pm


  • Take a look at your classmates’ In-Camera Exercises posted on their blogs. No response necessary.


  • Edit a music video for a song of your choosing and include “karaoke” text of the lyrics throughout.
    • Steps for this exercise include:
      1. import video footage to your choice of video editing program
      2. manipulate video footage by cutting scenes and applying effects
      3. add a song
      4. add text of the lyrics at different points in the timeline
      5. export your project as a .mp4 or .mov
      6. upload your final video file to YouTube
    • TIPS:
      • Use stock video that you find online, video you have taken previously, or shoot new footage.
      • Use any song that is appropriate for a classroom setting.
      • Choose any piece of editing software you have access to. Remember that several options are available to you for free. (I have reposted our “at home editing options” from Week 11 in the new online procedures tab at the top of this site.)
    • TOOLS:
  • This exercise is completely separate from the concept you chose to pursue for your Self-Directed Video Project and is meant to be a technical exercise to practice editing.
  • REMINDER: Many of your blogs do not allow for direct video upload. Create a free YouTube account to host your videos (or use one you already have) and upload this exercise there. Post a link to the video to your blog by Friday 04/17 at 5pm.

Continue to work on your Self-Directed Video Project (details posted in Week 11 below) independently. This large project is due next week, Friday 04/24.


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