WEEK 15 (04/27–05/01)

Great work on your Self-Directed Video Projects! It was so fun to see you all experiment in this medium and I hope you enjoyed it. Our final critique for this project is now in written format, so follow the below instructions carefully.

WEEK 15 ASSIGNMENTS // due Friday 05/01 at 5:00pm


  • You are all very skilled at group critique, but writing critiques for an online platform comes with its own challenges! Please watch this video which breaks down simple tips and reminders for posting critiques online (6 mins).


  • Please write an in-depth critique for each video project created by your classmates.
  • Post each critique as a comment on their YouTube video.
  • You can use your own YouTube account or a Google account to leave a comment on YouTube.
  • Critiques should be a minimum of 50 words each. 
  • You have all week to write these critiques, so plan our your comments, spread out the task, and manage your time accordingly.
  • If you are feeling at a loss for words, reference this handout from the beginning of the semester for critique strategies and reminders.
  • Direct links to video projects: 
    1. Brandon
    2. Mo
    3. Eileen
    4. Meg
    5. Shantell
    6. Lance
    7. Indre
    8. Diana
    9. Fola
    10. Brian

>> NEW note: Please make sure viewer comments are activated on your YouTube account so you can receive feedback from your classmates. Comments can still be active even if the video is “unlisted.” For those encountering a classmate’s video with closed comments, feel free to post these critiques as text on your own blog.

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