WEEK 16 (05/04–05/08)

As we near the end of the semester, I’d like to encourage you all to enroll in classes for the Summer or Fall terms if you haven’t already. I know there are a lot of unknowns in the world right now, but your art department faculty are committed to offering you engaging courses in whatever form they may take! There are some very interesting offerings, including Socially Engaged Art (CRN 51226) in the Fall. Based on your work in 4D I think this course would be very interesting to many of you! Feel free to email me or your art department adviser if you have any questions.

WEEK 16 ASSIGNMENTS // due Friday 05/08 at 5:00pm


Please prepare a PowerPoint Presentation showcasing the research you have been collecting on your chosen artist. Your artist selection can be found here or at the “artist presentation” tab at the top of this site. This presentation was introduced in the first week of class, but is modified for our new online format.

  • For this presentation, you must install PowerPoint on your device. To install PowerPoint:
    • Go to office365.com
    • Sign in using your MSUDenver credentials
    • Click “Install Office” in the upper right hand corner and select “Office 365 apps” to begin downloading the installer
    • Launch the installer and follow install instructions specific to your device. Instructions here.
  • Include the following in your PowerPoint Presentation:
    • Brief biographical information (city of birth, educational background, etc.)
    • Three significant exhibitions, publications, or accolades
    • A critical assessment of three of the artist’s prominent works, including documentation (images, video clips, links, etc.)
    • A historical reference point to contextualize the artist’s work (an art historical period or work they were influenced by)
    • How the artist’s work has influenced you, or has motivated your future work
  • Record your oral presentation using the Record Presentation feature in PowerPoint.
    • Step-by-step instructions for recording presentations can be found here.
    • You need to download PowerPoint to your device to enable this feature. It will not work in the web version. See instructions above.
  • Save your PowerPoint Presentation and post to your blog (if you have WordPress) or email it to me (if you have Tumblr) and I will share the file with the group next week.

This is our last week of classes, and next week is finals week. Please check this site on Monday 05/11 at 8:00am for our final wrap-up assignment.

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