FINALS WEEK (05/11–05/15)

Congratulations on all your hard work this semester! I am so proud of what you produced in 4D, and also how agile you remained during all these changes. Thank you for sticking with it and furthering your artistic practice!

FINAL ASSIGNMENT // due Friday 05/15 at 5:00pm


Watch your classmates’ Artist Presentations, posted here.


Write a 500 word reflection paper to wrap up the semester. Please address the following in your paper:

  • Discuss 3 artists you learned about from the Artist Presentations you watched. 
  • What did these 3 artists share in common? 
  • What drew you to these 3 artists? Did you find them inspiring? Did any of them resonate with you and your work in 4D this semester? 
  • If you were to create one more 4D work, what would it be? (This is theoretical and you do not need to actually produce it, so let your imagination run wild!)

Email me your reflection paper by Friday 05/15 at 5:00pm.

Friday 05/15 is the very last day to submit ANY late work. 

I will email each of you a final grade breakdown by the end of the weekend, after I receive your reflection papers. You can take this into consideration if you are making decisions about the new Pass/Fail procedures. If you are choosing to take a Pass/Fail grade I strongly suggest having a conversation with your art department advisor first, as this can affect some prerequisite standings.

Have a relaxing and recharging summer! 

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