exercise B [critique]

Today in class, you will discuss and evaluate the “laptop” exercise created by several of your classmates. You will be placed in various pairings and small critique groups throughout class today.

You will be given a hard copy of this handout in class to use as a guide and to take notes.

After the activity, use your notes to write a 250-word written critique of ONE work you evaluated today — your choice!

DUE DATE: Post this written critique to your blog by the beginning of next class, Monday 02/03.

exercise A [laptop]

Following our discussion of The Function of the Studio (When the Studio is a Laptop), use the open studio time today to begin our first exercise.  Create one experimental work (an image, or sound, or video piece) by using the computer in front of you as a “raw tool.” Remember, a computer can be used just as intuitively as a paintbrush—just start mark making!

A big part of this assignment is that you avoid any traditional art-making programs such as Adobe CCS or freeware that is designed to produce artwork. Push the boundaries of what you think programs are meant to do and try to discover a new form. Be creative in your approach and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Examples of possible approaches include:

  • screen grab imagery to the point of disintegration
  • create text art using Microsoft Word
  • webcam capture (think creatively about angle!)
  • Google poetry
  • website sound performance
  • glitch art

DUE DATE: Post your final piece to your blog for our mini critique at the beginning of next class, Wednesday 01/27.



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