reading #5

Please read “Wake Up and Smell Your City,” an article about Sissel Tolaas for discussion next class, Wednesday 03/28. As always, post two questions to your blog regarding the article before class.


reading #4

Hi everyone—I had some technical difficulties with WordPress and wasn’t able to get this reading posted until now. Due to the late post, I will not require you to post questions, but please do take a look at the reading before coming to class if you have time.

Please read this excerpt from Making Art by Terry Barrett. If you purchased the book at the beginning of the semester, please read Chapter 6: Time and Motion; or download the chapter below.


reading #2

Please read:

  1. an account of Kristin Lucas’ intervention piece “Refresh”
  2. and this excerpt (p. 15-22) from the Making Art textbook about Context

Post two discussion questions to your blog before class on Wednesday 01/24. You may post two questions total about both or either reading, focusing your questions on Lucas’ conceptual and performative gesture and the intersection between art and the everyday.