FINALS WEEK (05/11–05/15)

Congratulations on all your hard work this semester! I am so proud of what you produced in 4D, and also how agile you remained during all these changes. Thank you for sticking with it and furthering your artistic practice!

FINAL ASSIGNMENT // due Friday 05/15 at 5:00pm


Watch your classmates’ Artist Presentations, posted here.


Write a 500 word reflection paper to wrap up the semester. Please address the following in your paper:

  • Discuss 3 artists you learned about from the Artist Presentations you watched. 
  • What did these 3 artists share in common? 
  • What drew you to these 3 artists? Did you find them inspiring? Did any of them resonate with you and your work in 4D this semester? 
  • If you were to create one more 4D work, what would it be? (This is theoretical and you do not need to actually produce it, so let your imagination run wild!)

Email me your reflection paper by Friday 05/15 at 5:00pm.

Friday 05/15 is the very last day to submit ANY late work. 

I will email each of you a final grade breakdown by the end of the weekend, after I receive your reflection papers. You can take this into consideration if you are making decisions about the new Pass/Fail procedures. If you are choosing to take a Pass/Fail grade I strongly suggest having a conversation with your art department advisor first, as this can affect some prerequisite standings.

Have a relaxing and recharging summer! 

WEEK 16 (05/04–05/08)

As we near the end of the semester, I’d like to encourage you all to enroll in classes for the Summer or Fall terms if you haven’t already. I know there are a lot of unknowns in the world right now, but your art department faculty are committed to offering you engaging courses in whatever form they may take! There are some very interesting offerings, including Socially Engaged Art (CRN 51226) in the Fall. Based on your work in 4D I think this course would be very interesting to many of you! Feel free to email me or your art department adviser if you have any questions.

WEEK 16 ASSIGNMENTS // due Friday 05/08 at 5:00pm


Please prepare a PowerPoint Presentation showcasing the research you have been collecting on your chosen artist. Your artist selection can be found here or at the “artist presentation” tab at the top of this site. This presentation was introduced in the first week of class, but is modified for our new online format.

  • For this presentation, you must install PowerPoint on your device. To install PowerPoint:
    • Go to
    • Sign in using your MSUDenver credentials
    • Click “Install Office” in the upper right hand corner and select “Office 365 apps” to begin downloading the installer
    • Launch the installer and follow install instructions specific to your device. Instructions here.
  • Include the following in your PowerPoint Presentation:
    • Brief biographical information (city of birth, educational background, etc.)
    • Three significant exhibitions, publications, or accolades
    • A critical assessment of three of the artist’s prominent works, including documentation (images, video clips, links, etc.)
    • A historical reference point to contextualize the artist’s work (an art historical period or work they were influenced by)
    • How the artist’s work has influenced you, or has motivated your future work
  • Record your oral presentation using the Record Presentation feature in PowerPoint.
    • Step-by-step instructions for recording presentations can be found here.
    • You need to download PowerPoint to your device to enable this feature. It will not work in the web version. See instructions above.
  • Save your PowerPoint Presentation and post to your blog (if you have WordPress) or email it to me (if you have Tumblr) and I will share the file with the group next week.

This is our last week of classes, and next week is finals week. Please check this site on Monday 05/11 at 8:00am for our final wrap-up assignment.

WEEK 15 (04/27–05/01)

Great work on your Self-Directed Video Projects! It was so fun to see you all experiment in this medium and I hope you enjoyed it. Our final critique for this project is now in written format, so follow the below instructions carefully.

WEEK 15 ASSIGNMENTS // due Friday 05/01 at 5:00pm


  • You are all very skilled at group critique, but writing critiques for an online platform comes with its own challenges! Please watch this video which breaks down simple tips and reminders for posting critiques online (6 mins).


  • Please write an in-depth critique for each video project created by your classmates.
  • Post each critique as a comment on their YouTube video.
  • You can use your own YouTube account or a Google account to leave a comment on YouTube.
  • Critiques should be a minimum of 50 words each. 
  • You have all week to write these critiques, so plan our your comments, spread out the task, and manage your time accordingly.
  • If you are feeling at a loss for words, reference this handout from the beginning of the semester for critique strategies and reminders.
  • Direct links to video projects: 
    1. Brandon
    2. Mo
    3. Eileen
    4. Meg
    5. Shantell
    6. Lance
    7. Indre
    8. Diana
    9. Fola
    10. Brian

>> NEW note: Please make sure viewer comments are activated on your YouTube account so you can receive feedback from your classmates. Comments can still be active even if the video is “unlisted.” For those encountering a classmate’s video with closed comments, feel free to post these critiques as text on your own blog.

WEEK 14 (04/20–04/24)

WEEK 14 ASSIGNMENTS // due Friday 04/24 at 5:00pm


  • Take a look at your classmates’ “Karaoke” Editing Exercises posted on their blogs. No response necessary.


  • Finish your Self-Directed Video Project (details posted in Week 11 below) this week.
    • Upload your project to YouTube, then post a link on your blog for viewing.
    • TIP: YouTube may remove video works that use copyrighted music.  To avoid this, you may need to change your video settings to “unlisted.” You will still be able to post a direct link to unlisted videos on your blog.

Please email me with any video editing questions you may have — I am happy to help! I look forward to seeing your projects!

WEEK 13 (04/13–04/17)

MSU Denver has created a new policy regarding Pass/Fail grades for this semester only. See updated department syllabus, including a calendar reflecting the Pass/Fail option here. Check in with your department adviser if you have any questions!

WEEK 13 ASSIGNMENTS // due Friday 04/17 at 5:00pm


  • Take a look at your classmates’ In-Camera Exercises posted on their blogs. No response necessary.


  • Edit a music video for a song of your choosing and include “karaoke” text of the lyrics throughout.
    • Steps for this exercise include:
      1. import video footage to your choice of video editing program
      2. manipulate video footage by cutting scenes and applying effects
      3. add a song
      4. add text of the lyrics at different points in the timeline
      5. export your project as a .mp4 or .mov
      6. upload your final video file to YouTube
    • TIPS:
      • Use stock video that you find online, video you have taken previously, or shoot new footage.
      • Use any song that is appropriate for a classroom setting.
      • Choose any piece of editing software you have access to. Remember that several options are available to you for free. (I have reposted our “at home editing options” from Week 11 in the new online procedures tab at the top of this site.)
    • TOOLS:
  • This exercise is completely separate from the concept you chose to pursue for your Self-Directed Video Project and is meant to be a technical exercise to practice editing.
  • REMINDER: Many of your blogs do not allow for direct video upload. Create a free YouTube account to host your videos (or use one you already have) and upload this exercise there. Post a link to the video to your blog by Friday 04/17 at 5pm.

Continue to work on your Self-Directed Video Project (details posted in Week 11 below) independently. This large project is due next week, Friday 04/24.


WEEK 12 (04/06–04/10)

Thank you all for submitting your reading questions and proposals to your blog last week. I appreciate your efforts to stay on course in our new online format! Great work.

WEEK 12 ASSIGNMENTS // due Friday 04/10 at 5:00pm


  • Read all the Chapter 6: Time and Motion discussion questions on your classmates’ blogs here.
  • Write a response to two questions of your choosing.
    • TIPS: You need a Tumblr account to interact with Tumblr sites, and a WordPress account to interact with WordPress sites. Chose according to which account you have.
    • FOR TUMBLR: Select a classmate’s question you’d like to respond to and click the “Reblog” button (two circular arrows) underneath the post. Post your comment in the “Your text here” field and click “Reblog.”  Instructions here.
    • FOR WORDPRESS: Select a classmate’s question you’d like to respond to and click through to the full post (not preview). Click “Leave a comment” underneath the post. Post your comment in the reply field and click “Post comment”.


  • Shoot a 1 minute video using only “in camera” edits and effects.
  • Many of your blogs do not allow for direct video upload. Create a free YouTube account to host your videos (or use one you already have) and upload this exercise there. Post a link to the video to your blog by Friday 04/10 at 5pm.

Continue to work on your Self-Directed Video Project (details posted in WEEK 11 below) independently. This large project is due on Friday 04/24. We will have an editing exercise next week.


WEEK 11 (03/30–04/03)

I hope you all had a restful Spring Break and are adapting to your online courses. As a reminder, there is a link to our new online procedures at the top of this site. Please let me know if I can offer any support as we move to remote learning.

WEEK 11 ASSIGNMENTS // due Friday 04/03 at 5:00pm

Please complete the following to prepare for our next project. Click on all links, read all material, watch all videos, and respond when requested on to your blog.






  • Denver Digerati (a curated collection of video art shown in Denver public space)

SELF-DIRECTED VIDEO PROJECT // due Friday 04/24 at 5:00pm

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Shoot and edit a 3–5 minute video or stop motion animation.

Select one of the following prompts as your starting point: birth, death, artificial,  natural, opposite, similar, old, new, beauty, abject. The prompt you choose is just a conceptual jumping off point to get your ideas flowing. Feel free to approach the prompt literally or abstractly. Let your project define the word, resist it, or take inspiration from it.


  • Create a linear narrative (a work that tells a story over time)
  • Create something completely abstract (consider mood, constructed environment, and how moving elements evolving over time allow viewers to “feel” your concept)
  • Create a piece of performance art designed for the lens (perform a gesture to convey your concept, designed specifically for the camera)


There will be weekly tasks and exercises assigned to get you experimenting with shooting and editing video prior to the project due date. While I am asking you to think of an idea for your video now, do not worry if you have never worked in video before — I will guide you through the process. Be sure to check this site every Monday at 8:00am to receive each week’s assignments.


For the rest of the semester, we will have to get creative about our tools for shooting and editing video. You all have already executed great projects and are being very agile with what you have available to you at home. Great video work does not rely on a specific tool, and you can use a variety of cameras to convey your concept. Consider cameras you may be overlooking (webcams, vintage or outdated cameras you may have collected, home security cameras or smart doorbells, GoPros or other sports cameras, back up cameras on your car, etc.) The most wild tool may give you great results! Please get in touch if you need technology access or advice.


  • Adobe Creative Cloud including Premiere: Your MSUDenver credentials now allow you to sign in to all Adobe Creative Cloud programs for free. Click “sign in” on the top right corner of the page, use your MSUDenver email and select “Company or School Account” when it prompts you. You do not need to make a new account, as one using your MSUDenver credentials already exists. Once you are signed in you can search and download the programs of your choosing. If your credentials do not work, please contact campus IT (303-352-7548) as you may need your password reset.
  • Premiere Rush: Available on iOS, Mac, Android, and Windows so it will work on your phones and tablets. Your MSU Denver credentials also allow you to sign in to Adobe CC and download Premiere Rush for free. Follow instructions for signing in to Adobe CC above, and download Premiere Rush.
  • You are also able to use any other apps or programs you have available such as iMovie (free on Macs), Windows Movie Maker (free on PCs), Stop Motion Studio (free for iPhone and iPad in app store), Green Screen by Do Ink (free for iPhone and iPad in app store), etc.

WEEK 9 (03/16–03/20)

Click here for new online procedures (link also at top of this site). Please read through for information on how we will be modifying this course to go online, including new schedule changes. Please e-mail me if you have any questions!

If you haven’t already, please finish EXERCISE H [right action, wrong object] and post it to your blog by Wednesday 03/18. This is a small extension to accommodate for our transition online.

MODIFIED PERFORMANCE PROJECT // due Friday 03/20 at 5:00pm

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: You all had proposed interesting self-guided performances, and I am sorry that they will not be realized in the gallery as planned. To pivot this project, we are going to look towards artists who develop instructional works for others to perform.

Create a detailed document providing instructions for someone else to perform your original performance idea. Describe the piece with as much detail as possible so there is nothing lost in translation. A successful performance could be performed by anyone with the right instruction.

You can work on this project anytime between now and the due date on Friday 03/20 at 5:00pm.

TOOLS: Use this worksheet to format your document. You may write/draw on top of this or use it as a guide.



NOTES: Since your work is now largely independent, is it important that you click through and absorb content on all links provided. This is essential to understanding of the new assignment and all material moving forward.

Week 10 (next week) is our Spring Break, so there will not be an assignment posted on Monday 03/23.

Week 11 assignments will be up on this site by Monday 03/30 at 8:00am.

SOMETHING FUN TO DO AT HOME: Download ART SQOOL, a game designed by Julian Glander.

Download for free Monday morning (before 11:00am) only!

exercise H [right action, wrong object]

We perform mundane actions all day long: brushing our teeth, opening curtains, giving a birthday card to a friend, making dinner, vacuuming the floor, etc. Rarely do we consider the complexity of all of the social, physical, and cultural elements that go into those scenarios.

This exercise requires observing everyday actions and designing a series of small performances inspired by those actions. Post the following on to your blog by Monday 03/16:

  1. BRAINSTORM — Brainstorm a list of 10 habitual actions you do daily or weekly. Pick your favorite action based on what you think will be the most interesting to examine further.
  2. SUBSTITUTE — Then come up with 4 different objects you could substitute in for the common object used in this action.  For example, if your action is drinking coffee, instead of drinking coffee from a coffee cup (traditional action) you might  “drink coffee” out of your hands, with a funnel, out of a shoe (non-traditional or surreal action).
  3. PERFORM — Perform the 4 versions of your action and capture it with video. Use any camera you have access to.

TIPS: The objective of this exercise is to engage in the process of creative experimentation and push non-traditional thinking. Don’t just chose ANY random objects to bring into your performance. Try to make the new objects as far from the traditional object as possible. The trick is to pick objects that enhance the meaning, feeling, or experience of the action to change our perception of it. To continue our example, if you switch from a coffee cup to a bowl, the meaning doesn’t change much.

RESOURCES: Fike & Harris, Dan Hakon Erichsen, Janfamily (below)


DUE DATE: Post your brainstorm notes and your final performance videos to your blog by Monday 03/16.