final meeting

Our final is scheduled for Thursday 05/11—this means we do not have class on Tuesday 05/09. I will hold an “open house” style meeting so you can come and check in with me any time during our scheduled 90 minute final (12:30–2pm or 3:30pm–5pm). I will distribute project grades at this time and we will all chip in to clean the studio. This is also the time to turn in any revised assignments or update me on any outstanding items.

Remember that (in accordance with the Art Department) attendance on this day is mandatory to pass this course.

All course/instructor evaluations are submitted online this semester, so feel free to complete these on your own time by the May 6th deadline.

See you next week! 



PAW assignment

Next week we will be participating in Performance Art Week as a follow-up to the performance work you did earlier this semester. This assignment is worth 10% of your final grade, and you may choose one of the two assignment options below.

Note that since the schedule of events happen on both Thursday 04/20 AND Friday 04/21, we will not be having a formal class meeting on Thursday of next week — use this time to perform or attend.

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 1.31.19 PM.png


Submit a proposal for Performance Art Week and perform a piece during the event.

Complete the PAW VIII Entry Form and submit it to Jeff Lambson ( and CC me ( by this Thursday 04/13. You may propose the piece you did for our performance project, or a new or revised performance art piece. If your proposal is accepted, you will perform your work during the time assigned to you by the curators on Thursday 04/20 or Friday 04/21. 


Attend Performance Art Week and write a 3-5 page review. 

You may choose any of the events on Thursday 04/20 or Friday 04/21 to attend. Write a 3-5 page (double spaced) review comparing and contrasting two different performances you witnessed. As a guide, you should have roughly one page of introduction to the event and performance art history, a page describing and evaluating each of the two performances you witness, and a page concluding your comparisons of each of the works. Submit your papers to me either via e-mail ( or in person on Thursday 04/27.





intervention tips

MSUDenver Facilities contact:

E-mail facilities and CC me ( if you’d like to install your work on campus

PICO projectors:

Check out from me during class time

Black & white plotter prints:

Available at FedEx, 36″ wide x any length, $.75 /sq foot

Tile printing in Illustrator: 

File > print > scaling


Wheat paste recipe: 

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 6.56.46 AM




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