critique assignments

This is your firm due date for your Performance projects. If you are assigned the first day but your work is not complete, you will not be able to show your work on the second day.

Wednesday 03/18

  • Lance
  • Brandon
  • Anahi
  • Fola
  • Indre
  • Mo

Monday 03/23

  • Eileen
  • Diana
  • Meg
  • Brian
  • Shantell
  • Mike

exercise E [environment as material]

During the remainder of class today (and your off-site work day on Wednesday) visit a place you have never been before in the city—a park, a creek, a store, a cafe, a parking lot, a library, anywhere!

Create three sculptural installations using materials found in your new environment. All three sculptures should be created in this one environment. Consider using color, scale, form or texture as a guiding force in your creation. Think of these as fluid gestures and move elements around unexpectedly until you achieve something interesting (put leaves on top off a car in a particular design, stack rocks on a bench in a precarious way, etc.)

Photograph your three installations from multiple angles and upload them to your blog when you are done.

RESOURCES : Carson Davis Brown’s Megamart Installations, Gabriel Orozco’s Supermarket Photos, Andy Goldsworthy’s Earthworks

DUE DATE : Post photographs of your three installations to your blog by next Monday 02/17. 


  • Your project proposals for the Self-Directed Intervention Project must be posted to your student blog by Wednesday 02/12.
  • Wednesday 02/12 is an off-site work day. Use this time to visit the location for your Self-Directed Intervention Project and begin your work there. It is expected that you utilize this regular class time to focus on your project independently and have work-in-progress to show when you return to class on Monday 02/17. You do not need to visit the classroom on off-site work days and attendance will not be taken.


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