>> NEW online procedures <<

Transitioning into an online version of this course will be a big change for us all and I appreciate your flexibility! Up until this point you have all produced great work and I am confident that you will continue to do so as we move forward.

Although some of these notes have been e-mailed to you, as MSU Denver and the art department have developed new procedures, I have made changes to some of these measures and some of them are new. Please read the following carefully:

  1. The art department has permitted asynchronous learning for our new online courses. This means you no longer need to adhere to the Monday + Wednesday 8:00–10:45am schedule. Our new schedule will look like this:
    • Monday at 8:00am: I will post all weekly assignments, instruction, and resources to art1531.com
    • Friday at 5:00pm: All requested weekly deliverables due, posted on your student blog
  2. It is expected that you check art1531.com for our weekly post every Monday. The weekly tasks will vary from week to week, so plan your time accordingly. The amount of work will be similar to what we would do in a week of in-class time, so you should be working throughout the week during a time that works for you. Do not wait to read the post until Thursday hoping to cram it all in by the Friday due date! Clarifying questions should be e-mailed to me sooner rather than later so we can set up a time to discuss your questions.
  3. During this complicated time, please stay in touch if anything in your lives is interfering with your participation in this course. This new schedule is designed to accommodate childcare, changing work schedules, and overall health for all students.
  4. Scrap the schedule from the original syllabus. Although many of the projects will be similar, the timeline has changed significantly and we will be going week-by-week.
  5. If you haven’t already, please activate the “comments” section in your student blog. This will be how we give each other critique feedback and participate in discussions since we can not do this in person.
  6. I will be e-mailing you project evaluations. 
  7. Notes on technology: For the rest of the semester, we will have to get creative about our tools for shooting and editing video. You all have already executed great projects and are being very agile with what you have available to you at home. Great video work does not rely on a specific tool, and you can use a variety of cameras to convey your concept. Consider cameras you may be overlooking (webcams, vintage or outdated cameras you may have collected, home security cameras or smart doorbells, GoPros or other sports cameras, back up cameras on your car, etc.) The most wild tool may give you great results! Please get in touch if you need technology access or advice.
  8. At home editing options:
    • Adobe Creative Cloud including PremiereYour MSUDenver credentials now allow you to sign in to all Adobe Creative Cloud programs for free. Click “sign in” on the top right corner of the page, use your MSUDenver email and select “Company or School Account” when it prompts you. You do not need to make a new account, as one using your MSUDenver credentials already exists. Once you are signed in you can search and download the programs of your choosing. If your credentials do not work, please contact campus IT (303-352-7548) as you may need your password reset.
    • Premiere Rush: Available on iOS, Mac, Android, and Windows so it will work on your phones and tablets. Your MSU Denver credentials also allow you to sign in to Adobe CC and download Premiere Rush for free. Follow instructions for signing in to Adobe CC above, and download Premiere Rush.
    • You are also able to use any other apps or programs you have available such as iMovie (free on Macs), Windows Movie Maker (free on PCs), Stop Motion Studio (free for iPhone and iPad in app store), Green Screen by Do Ink (free for iPhone and iPad in app store), etc.